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Jumpmaster Press, in partnership with,

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is proud to present

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Are you feeling overwhelmed, tired, even out of order? Does your life sometimes seem lost and out of control? Our world is busier than ever. Stress, anxiety, and fear are emotions that run rampant throughout our society. What if there was a way to be refreshed every week? What if there was a way to increase personal and family health, productivity, and spiritual peace? What if this way was simple, tested and proven to work? 


Great news! There is a way to have restorative, refreshing rest. This rest is the kind which produces peace, order and health. In this book you will learn how G-d designed a weekly, monthly, and annual calendar so you can experience a passionate full life. 

This book will give you the Biblical plan and pattern of our creator, the historical realities, and a modern path to real, genuine G-d ordained REST. 

Take your life back as you discover The Art of Rest that lies in Shabbat!

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