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Send us your work ...


Congratulations on finishing your book! We believe that every story deserves to be read, but there is still a lot of work to be done before it's ready for print.

Jumpmaster Press might be the perfect fit for your book.

Submission Guidelines:

Please send:

-  First 3 chapters in Word .docx format

- 12pt, Georgia or Times New Roman font

- Short synopsis of the entire story

- Short author bio

Please do not send:

- Full manuscript

- Author headshot

- Manuscript with overt sexual content

- Manuscript with excessive foul language

- Poetry or erotica

Your submission will be reviewed and you can expect a response within 2 weeks.

Thank you for considering Jumpmaster Press.

Join our writer's group ... 


Looking to connect with other authors?

The Jumpmaster Press Writer's Group is a closed Facebook Group where we meet, discuss our writing struggles, find answers to questions, and post pictures of what we had for dinner last night. 

I made that last one up...

Let us lift your ship ...


We all begin as storytellers, it takes work to become a writer. Our philosophy is that a rising tide lifts all ships and we apply that idea to our monthly writing seminars. We explore every aspect of writing, from the basics of character development and world-building to advanced techniques in voice, pacing, and dialogue.

Follow our Facebook pages for information on our next seminar.

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