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Jumpmaster Press has years of experience innovating

products and services for the publishing industry.

Decorative Boxed Sets

Offering decorative boxed sets to readers has long been a dream for independent authors and small presses. Traditionally, manufacturing boxed sets has been cost prohibitive with exorbitant costs of entry, large quantity order requirements, and high production fees.

Jumpmaster Press is proud to offer an affordable boxed set solution. Our boxes feature sturdy, machine-cut, construction with crisp, beveled edges and a tight fit.


Line/Developmental Editing & Proofreading

Good editing & proofreading is a staple in the publishing industry, and having a professionally edited manuscript goes a long way when submission time comes around.

Line Editing: Rather than focusing on the technical and grammatical aspect of writing, line editing focuses on word choice, rhythm, syntax and the overall strength of each sentence.

Developmental Editing: This work is all about the big picture. Our developmental editors examine everything from plot to character development, pacing, structure and dialogue.

Proofreading: When proofreading a manuscript, our editors go through each sentence with a fine-tooth comb, examining each phrase for grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.

With Jumpmaster Press, knowing what you get and what it cost is easy.

All OUR editing services are just .02¢ per word.


Other Author Services

Professional Printing Services

Interior Layout and Typesetting

Cover Art Design

Let us lift your ship ...


We all begin as storytellers, it takes work to become a writer. Our philosophy is that a rising tide lifts all ships and we apply that idea to our monthly writing seminars. We explore every aspect of writing, from the basics of character development and world-building to advanced techniques in voice, pacing, and dialogue.

Follow our Facebook pages for information on our next seminar.

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