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Verticon Series Boxed Set


The Verticon Series by Brian Weimer

Format: Soft Cover Boxed Set

Available Now!


Book One: The Verticon File

Rick Donovan, a reporter for the Washington Post, receives an anonymous message predicting chilling future events. When these events come to pass, Rick is drawn into a world of shadowy intrigue and conspiracy theories. Struggling to determine which are fiction and which are fact, he embarks on a world-spanning adventure to uncover the truth.


Pursued by mysterious forces that will stop at nothing to keep him from revealing the truth, Rick must follow in the footsteps of previous seekers and finds himself in a fight for his life in his quest to expose potentially the greatest cover-up in Human history ...


* * * * * * *


Book Two: The Verticon Code

Is the truth about our world being hidden from us?


Hired to find answers to the death of a university professor, private investigator Marc Grissom's case takes a dangerous turn, as he's drawn into a web of deception and conspiracy theories.


Is society controlled by a clandestine elite with a sinister agenda for mankind?


Finding himself in a deadly, high-stakes game, Marc is forced to decide fact from fiction before it's too late.

Verticon Series Boxed Set

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