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Twilight Hawk


Twilight Hawk by Erik Dreiling

Fractured Timeline Series Book 2

Genre: Science Fiction / Time Travel

Format: eBook Download

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Stranded in 2032, Dr. Alison Cade works with Temporal Operations Command, a top-secret branch of the U.S. Army, to expose a sinister plot by The Odessa Foundation, which not only threatens to erase her existence but to destroy the Fracture itself.


In the year 1995, former Exile leader, Burke, receives a call for aid from a friend, thought to be dead. He is swept up in a conflict between warring factions for control of the future.


Through the twisting bands of time, Dr. Cade’s and Burke’s paths converge and together they discover a startling revelation that could shift the balance of power and change the nature of time travel. 

Twilight Hawk

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