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Three Bells Past Midnight


Three Bells Past Midnight, a novella by William Heinzen

Genre: Fantasy

Format: Soft Cover


Kell Yanthus wants to go home, but the high priesthood of the Underking won't let him. They have been preparing for this night for many years, and Kell has interrupted their plans by being in a bad place at a worse time.


The City Watch isn't too happy with him, either. They would like to chat with Kell about some dead bodies he left behind--bodies that were part of a sinister plot to bring back something better left in its grave.


Now Kell has the unpleasant task of stopping the bells before they ring: once for the living, once for the dead, and once for what is yet to come.


If he does not succeed, the world will pay the price.

Three Bells Past Midnight

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