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The Quick and The Undead


The Quick and The Undead by Will Neely

Genre: Western / Fantasy

Format: eBook Download


“Madigan, I need you.”


Madigan Moore rode into town in search of an old friend. What he found instead was a whole mess of trouble: a mysterious murder, a missing person, and some all-fired nasty magic at work underneath the surface.


Now it’s somehow fallen to Madigan to set things right. Thrust into the middle of a fight he never asked for, he’ll need to dace more kinds of trouble than a body could want. Atop his trusty steed and wielding should be ready for anything, but even he wasn’t prepared to find monsters – both human and otherwise – lurking behind every bush. To survive, he’ll need to think fast and move faster, elsewise he’ll be dead…or worse.

The Quick and The Undead

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