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The Golden Feather


The Golden Feather by Philip Ligon

The Falconbone Series Book 2

Genre: Steampunk / Adventure

Format: Soft Cover

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The constant threat of attack by the King’s air fleet wears on everyone.  The saboteur’s attempts to drive the Falconbones and the other survivors from their refuge takes its toll.  Food and supplies are always a problem, especially as more refugees reach the floating mountains.

 As if that isn’t enough for Jason Falconbone, he also contends with schoolwork and the duties that go along with being the son of Lord Falconbone.  Then there are the dreams.  They haunt Jason in sleeping and in waking.  Something ancient and forgotten in the floating mountains calls to him – a lost civilization full of mysteries.


 When the saboteur makes his most daring strike yet, and threatens the survival of those living in Rock Castle, Jason must answer the call of the dreams.


There are powerful secrets waiting to be discovered – but only for those brave enough to face the challenge.


The Golden Feather

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