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Slayer by Kayan Lucius Rochester

Format: Soft Cover

Available Now!


When a mysterious warrior in black arrives in a simple village and rescues Hanako Miruku, a friendship is formed that may be the key to healing Draconis’s tortured soul. Haunted by what he is and filled with self-loathing, Draconis helps people in need to ease the tremendous regret he carries. However, when a ghost of his past returns, he is forced to choose between the life he had, and the life he has begun to build in Hanako’s village.


During his many battles, Draconis discovers more about his macabre origin and the horrific thing that dwells within him. Can he live the life of an ordinary person, or is he nothing but a tool of war and death? Slayer is the story of Draconis’s journey to find the answer to a question that torments his very being:


Is he man…or monster


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