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The Road to Darkness


The Road to Darkness by Kenyon T. Henry

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The battle over, and Gregor finished, Stephen yearns to know more about Waltz, the father he never knew he had. Danny agrees to share pieces of Waltz's life with him through a mental link. Stephen wants more. His own powers overwhelming him, his mind gets stuck in the past as events unfold and he relives the story leading up to the rise of a Fallen, and the fall of a Mighty. Children of Mighty are disappearing all over the globe. Walter (Waltz) and his team are determined to find out why. Even in the midst of turmoil, he cannot help falling in love. For a lady's man like Walter, is love ever really possible? Or does his duty as Mighty trump any hopes he has of a happily ever after? He knows one thing for certain, he must save the children. Will the love of a woman save him, or will it lead to darkness?

The Road to Darkness

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