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Mask of Emotion


Mask of Emotion by J.L. Lawrence

SeriesL Path to Destiny - Book 1

Format: Soft Cover


Kate Smith has spent years controlling her gifts of telepathy and compulsion. It took even longer to be accepted by everyone in her small town due to some mishaps in her youth. Over time, she’d created different personalities that she considered her masks to deal with the world around her. It allowed her to fit in with multiple groups of students and develop friendships. But she allowed no one to see behind the wall she’d perfected not even her family. 


Kate’s sophomore year of high school isn’t shaping up to be much better than previous years until two new students arrive and challenge her current way of life. Adam and Alyssa have her same abilities, but instead of hiding, they have embraced and utilized their skills. They continue to question and pester until she finally gives in and meets their family. It opens her eyes to a whole new way of life. 


The three become inseparable and decide to use their gifts to help those in need. After helping the first few victims, they decide to take on bigger challenges. With that, comes more danger. A young girl has disappeared and Kate knows there is much more to the story. They enter a race against time to save the girl and themselves.

Mask of Emotion

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