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Hope on The Horizon


Hope on The Horizon by J.L. Lawrence

SeriesL Path to Destiny - Book 4

Format: eBook Download


Kate’s chosen path has led her into a new world and she’s all alone. Her first year of college begins like any other, but it doesn’t take long before she’s pulled back into the world of sleuthing. Her new roommate is in grave danger and only Kate can see the truth. However, she’s determined to solve the case the normal way and pushes her unique gifts into the background.


On her path to discovery, she meets two new friends that seem destined. Julie is high spirited, intelligent, and compassionate, while Angie is tough, sarcastic, and loyal. Together, they form a friendship even stronger than Kate thought could exist. That connection deepens when Kate discovers a strong telepathic link with Angie. 


Kate once again takes on investigations and protects the innocent. But her memories of the past hold her back. The closer she becomes to her new friends, the more she endangers the ones she left behind. The time has come to choose her final path and make a decision that could lead to devastating consequences or give her the freedom she’s always longed for. 

Hope on The Horizon

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