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Fractured Timeline Boxed Set


Fractured Timeline Series by Erik Dreiling

Format: Soft Cover Boxed Set

Available Now!


Book One:

When a failed attempt on Allison Cade's life thrusts the theoretical physicist reluctantly into a century’s long conspiracy, she must rely on Blake McDaniel and his lethal team of Delta Force Operators from Temporal Operations Command. 


One step behind the Odessa Foundation's Asset Procurement Team, Allison and McDaniel desperately work to repair a fractured timeline by stopping a legendary super-weapon falling into enemy hands.


Failure could irrevocably change the course of history.


Book Two:

Stranded in 2032, Dr. Alison Cade works with Temporal Operations Command, a top-secret branch of the U.S. Army, to expose a sinister plot by The Odessa Foundation, which not only threatens to erase her existence but to destroy the Fracture itself.


In the year 1995, former Exile leader, Burke, receives a call for aid from a friend, thought to be dead. He is swept up in a conflict between warring factions for control of the future.


Through the twisting bands of time, Dr. Cade’s and Burke’s paths converge and together they discover a startling revelation that could shift the balance of power and change the nature of time travel. 

Fractured Timeline Boxed Set

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