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Force of Nature


Forec of Nature by J.L. Lawrence

SeriesL Path to Destiny - Book 2

Format: eBook Download


While Kate prepares for her junior year of high school, a dark cloud seems to be threatening the town. She assumes it’s all in her head, but her continual visions show total chaos extending its ugly claws toward Rosewood. The more details she discovers, the clearer the truth becomes. Unless the coming storm can be stopped, no one will survive. 


With the help of Adam and Alyssa, Kate searches for the cause of the impending destruction, and they stumble across an old Cavanaugh prophecy. The storm is actually a dangerous curse created many years ago and placed upon the entire town. Only one person can defeat it. Kate. But she doesn’t know how. As the wind howls, and the day turns to night, no one is safe from Cavanaugh’s wrath. Kate must make the ultimate sacrifice to gain the town’s freedom or watch them all die. 

Force of Nature

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