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Escape from Darkness


Escape from Darkness by J.L. Lawrence

SeriesL Path to Destiny - Book 3

Format: eBook Download


Kate begins her senior year of high school, hoping for normalcy, but a new threat has hit the once-peaceful town of Rosewood. Teens are being kidnapped. When one victim is discovered dead in a nearby park, Kate starts her own investigation, wanting to help eliminate the threat.


She uncovers a world of unnatural beings and an ancient power source linked to Matthew Cavanaugh. With Adam and Alyssa’s help, she unlocks more secrets of the town’s past. Making matters worse, she discovers disturbing revelations within her friends’ family. Their involvement with ‘all things weird’ sets her on edge. But she needs their help to save the town, so she chooses to set aside her doubt and trust them. 


Kate finds herself on a split path between two possible futures. One will keep her with those she’s come to love, and the other will take her, alone, into all new territory. As the choice becomes clear, the harsh reality crashes her world around her. Her life isn’t what she thought it would be, but if she doesn’t embrace her destiny, she could lose everything.

Escape from Darkness

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