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Dagger of Orion


Dagger of Orion, a novella by J.L. Lawrence

Genre: Fantasy

Format: Soft Cover


Dragons once provided protection over all realms—including the human world—but over the centuries, the greed of mankind forced them into hiding. An ancient prophecy revealed a small hope that humans could be redeemed, and that dragons would once again rise and protect the realms.


The time has come for humans to prove their worth.


Kyra, Brian, and Becca were raised on the legends of the dragon prophecy. The three cousins hailed from an ancient lineage of gifted humans who had sworn to protect all creatures and mortals alike, and all their lives, they prepared themselves to serve. On their eighteenth birthday, they each receive the mark of the chosen. A tattoo in the shape of a dragon. It calls them to complete a quest and fulfill their piece of the prophecy.


Their mission seems simple at first. They must find the missing Dagger of Orion and return it to the Cave of Hope, a safe haven from all evil. They leave everything behind and travel to Ireland to embrace the quest. Soon, they discover things are not as easy as they appear.


Visions of the past and future as well as magical helpers guide them through the tasks and provide some protection. Together, the chosen three must face their weaknesses and embrace their strengths to accomplish the dangerous mission. The fate of humanity rests on their shoulders.

Dagger of Orion

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