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Age of Sail Trilogy


The Age of Sail Trilogy

Secrets of Mary Celeste - Book One (Available Now)

Clipper Wars - Book Two (Pre-Order Now!)

Privateer - Book Three (forthcoming)

Format: Soft Cover


Clipper Wars: Book Two

The world's greatest sailing race shreds the oceans in Clipper Wars’ competition for gold, prominence, and revenge.

At the height of the California Gold Rush, the Gant and Briggs families race to the death from New York to San Francisco aboard extreme clipper ships, the largest, fastest sailing ships ever built.

Follows the lives of venal captains, ruthless pirates, and tainted sailors. Calamity and the ultimate prize await the lucky clipper captain who reaches the Golden Gate after a 17,000-mile voyage around treacherous Cape Horn. Which unscrupulous competitors sacrifice everything to win the Clipper Wars?


Secrets of Mary Celeste: Book One

When the Mary Celeste is found adrift off the Azores Islands, Mary Celeste Briggs’ devoted son, Alexander is unaware that his own father absconded with the entire family fortune, now lost at sea. The teenager hires a smuggler to rescue his family. Through nefarious backchannels, the cruel smuggler captain is privy to the fortune, and aims to steal it. Will his lonely daughter help Alexander Briggs outwit the smuggler in a desperate race to find his missing family before they perish?

Age of Sail Trilogy

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