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No wifi! No calling Mom! Westlake High School students face frightening events! Pre-internet, their New England town is plagued by a series of nefarious forces—over 4 books:


Nightmare Matinee

A new horror movie in Westlake has Aaron Sedgewood addicted. Inexplicably it changes with each visit and so does Aaron—fangs and claws!  Girlfriend, Katrina Phillips, craves the new movie too, despite slithery green worms in her eye from the spellbinding film. Bestie Dan Pritcher hates horror movies. Can he save Westlake’s mutating teens from a one-way ticket to nightmare matinee?


Driven To Kill!

Two killers, one town: It’s Halloween. Driven to arrive at the masquerade ball in style, Aaron rents a custom limo to match Katrina’s worst nightmare. Wack-job limo driver, Bob McGhoul, kidnaps them for a wild ride. Will he kill them before his nemesis drives him completely crazy? Is it the last dance for Westlake High students? 


Bad Dog: A Vampire’s Canine

Man’s best friend? Not Aaron and Katrina’s man-eating stray! When Fang escapes its captor-vampire-turned-hazmat-land-developer-students dissolve one by one in plasma goo. Are Aaron and Katrina dog chow now? Can they save Westlake before an army of teen vampires explodes on New England?


Party Till You Scream!

Life’s a real beach… when lightning strikes Westlake High’s seaside bonfire. Lured into an underground bunker by a lunatic party crasher, high tide traps teens. Lost in a labyrinth, soon they disappear.  No way out!  Is Aaron and Katrina’s only escape through a torture chamber? Party’s not over till the horror begins!


"Beautifully written, exquisite characters. Gender bias in a magical post-apocalyptic romantic comedy"

—Nigel Barker, TV personality, Author, Filmmaker

"Man, that Dragon Slayer is asleep at the wheel if he didn't marry Genie immediately... magical rom-com, glittering prose..."

-- Sean Patrick Flanery - Actor, Author

"A deliciously frisky fairy tale, superbly written and deeply satisfying. Post-apocalyptic heroes with humor, magic, and muscles? I’m here for it all."

-- Christie Perfetti-Williams - Author

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