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To Aid and Protect

To Aid and Protect by R. Kyle Hannah

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When their planet faces destruction, the simian-like Cenceti flee in thousands of ships piloted by a master computer designed to watch over and guide them. When a new homeworld is discovered and preparations are made to abandon the fleet, the now sentient computer realizes it cannot assist them if they leave. After unsatisfactorily trying to convince the Cenceti to stay in space, the computer lashes out at it's creators and destroys them.
Now, after years of roaming the universe and unsuccessfully interacting with dozens of species, the computer has picked up signals from another sentient species; a species in desperate need of protection. Following the signals, the computer turns its fleet of spider-shaped ships toward the planet Earth. How will the human's react to the alien computer...and will it be able to finally fulfill its programming ...

To Aid and Protect

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