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The Falcon


The Falcon by Philip Ligon

The Falconbone Series Book 3

Genre: Steampunk / Adventure

Format: Soft Cover

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Jason has already proved himself capable of brave and heroic acts – from rescuing his father to overcoming the challenges of Volantia.  None of it has prepared him for what he is about to face.  Kidnapped and taken from Rock Castle – his home in the floating mountains – Jason finds himself in a fight for his life as he faces the ravages of war, the threat of torture, and a growing despair as he is taken further and further from his friends and family.


There is hope, however, in unexpected places and from the most unlikely people.  There is also a stirring within that Jason has never before known, one that will change him in new and extraordinary ways.  It all leads him to the discovery of those who were behind the King’s attack on Airendale – and urgent news Jason must take to his father, Lord Falconbone.


If only he can make it home.

The Falcon

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