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Sovereign Fourth


Sovereign Fourth by Saph Dodd

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Available Now! are the Sovereign, and wherever you go, ruin, loss, and death will follow…


Tenma has lost everything.

Her family and home are gone.

She’s thrust into a new world and imbued with unbelievable power as a vessel for a kami – a god.


Mira, her sister, has swallowed a star, an act of forbidden dark magic. Bent on destroying Tenma in the name of her goddess, Leirah, Mira sets out to punish Tenma. Leading her army of Star-Eaters, Mira carves a path of destruction and ruin.


Tenma is the Sovereign and her destiny lies in Mira’s path–but can she really end her own sister’s life? Before the end, Tenma will lose so much more.

Sovereign Fourth

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