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Rogues and Warlocks


Rogues and Warlocks, a novella by E.G. Rowley

Genre: Fantasy / Medieval

Format: Soft Cover


Rogue Cara Menlock sets herself on an impossible quest: steal an Emerald from King Xuron. When the jewel comes up missing, Grendel Tempest, the Warlock tasked with protecting the prized gem, is punished and sentenced to death. Princess Esmeralda, harboring secret feelings for Grendel, begs her father to spare the warlock’s life. Xuron refuses.


In a twist of fate, Cara saves Grendal from execution. Together, they must escape the Capitol and head for the badlands. As they fight their way through the city, two questions remain—how did the King’s forces discover the theft so quickly, and who wanted to pin the theft on the Warlock, Grendal?

Rogues and Warlocks

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