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Reign of Terra

Reign of Terra by R. Kyle Hannah

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Senator Dari Terra knows how to play the political game; lessons learned from her recently deceased husband. Surrounding herself with sycophants and loyalists, and destroying those in her way, she lays out a plan to consolidate her power. 


Lieutenant Mark Dawson, after his heroic actions at the Parliament, is assigned to Ritmar, the Special Operations Training Regiment. The training is intense, brutal, but necessary if he is to save all that he holds dear.


Commander Dagon Aoffa vows revenge on the man he blames for a crap assignment on an asteroid in the middle of nowhere. Using the vast network at his fingertips to gather information, he discovers a plot that could tear the fabric of the TSA apart.


Political intrigue spirals out of the control. War threatens the TSA. Vengeance rules the day.

Reign of Terra

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