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Paradox Series Boxed Set


The Paradox Series by E.G. Rowley

Format: Soft Cover Boxed Set

Available Now!


Own the complete universe-spanning adventure of both Jon and Anna Messer as they journey through time and space; One lost in time with no memory of who they are and the other, desperately fighting to save their family.


Jonathan Messer created a universe with a flip of a .67 cent Radio Shack switch. The moment he decided to turn on his invention, his life unexpectedly changed.


After being pulled unconcious from his burning hosue, Jonathan embarks on an incredible, universe-spanning adventure while battling two warring factions: One determined to control his invention ... the other bent on its unltimate destruction.


Fueled by his painful memories, Jon is focused on only one goal: Save his family, no matter the cost.

Paradox Series Boxed Set

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