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Obliteration Protocol

Obliteration Protocol by E.G. Rowley

Format: JumpCard®

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In her genetics lab, Susan McCormick stumbles upon a timeless puzzle that could be more world changing than the discovery of the double-helix itself.


Hunted by an ancient society dedicated to suppressing the truth, Susan must put her trust in a mysterious new love-interest and together, race against time to find the remaining pieces of the puzzle before they unleash their ultimate weapon, the Obliteration Protocol.


The JumpCard® is a pre-loaded USB flash drive, featuring a digital download code for Obliteration Protocol (.pdf, .epub, .mobi) as well as the Obliteration Protocol Audiobook (.mp3) in one convenient, credit card USB that can plug directly into your car's USB port for listening* while you travel.

Obliteration Protocol

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