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Mystic Rising

Mystic Rising by J.L. Lawrence

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With new knowledge of the Omega’s plan to defeat her at the Rising, Kate must convince the Council to allow humans to join the fight. Once again, she and her team will venture into the human world to recruit and find a way for both realms to become a solid force against evil. 


But she’s got a bigger problem. Her quest to attain ultimate power sends her on a journey to Ireland. It becomes more complicated when she learns the true power of the amulet given to her by the Shadow Warriors. The cost to attain the light might be her life or someone she loves.


They are training humans for the impossible and searching desperately for answers against a ticking clock. Kate will have to search out an unlikely ally that will bring back harsh memories of the past and unrest among her friends. 


All the pieces must fall perfectly into place for her to have any hope to maintain peace in the realms. If she falls, so does mankind. Failure is not an option. She must embrace the light and defeat Braxus or die trying.

Mystic Rising

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