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Mystic Betrayal

Mystic Betrayal by J.L. Lawrence

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Just when Kate Montgomery thinks everything is going her way, more humans and magical beings are discovered dead. The Omega missed his chance to kill the Mystic, so the demons found new targets.


Not only does Kate have to prove herself to a new set of warriors and recruit them for the Rising, she and Xander must now venture back into the Human Realm to save as many as they can. She must also find a rare race of powerful beings called Seekers while protecting the Faery Realm.


Xavier, Angie, and Gregory have been left in charge of training all the warriors for the upcoming battle. But Angie finds herself trapped in an unsolvable love triangle, and things go horribly awry. Despair drifts through the hearts of all, when the traitor takes advantage of the many distractions and does the unthinkable.


Kate must go against the Council and launch an attack to restore safety to all the realms. If successful, she will forever be their hero and leader. If she fails, the demons gain control of the world and leave everyone in misery.

Mystic Betrayal

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