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Mystic Awakening


Mystic Awakening

Mystic Series Book 1

By J.L. Lawrence

Format: Soft Cover

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Every four hundred years, an all-powerful being is born. Known as the Mystic this magical entity must maintain the balance of all realms and save the world in an ultimate battle.


For those within the magical realms, the role of the Mystic is legendary. However, the Mystic has been born in the human realm. She’s not only unaware of her unique destiny, she’s missing. Time is running out. Even if she’s found, no human has ever stood against a demonic realm and lived.


FBI agent, Kate Smith, has spent her entire life hiding from her psychic abilities. As much as she despises being, she admits they’ve helped her solve some of the most brutal cases. But her latest assignment has her doubting herself. It’s like nothing she’s encountered before, and the gifts she’s grown to rely on aren’t working. Visions haunt her dreams, and questions about her destiny plague her. Worse yet, the answers she discovers are even more terrifying.


For twenty-eight years, Xander Montgomery has searched for the only being who can save all realms. But it’s not easy finding someone unaware of who she is, and being stuck in the human realm isn’t helping his disposition. As a Guardian, he has one mission—protect the Mystic. When Kate and Xander finally meet, he’s convinced of one thing. If he can’t persuade the strong-willed stranger to follow him on a deadly quest, the world is doomed.


Mystic Awakening

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