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Murderous Intentions


Murderous Intentions, A Lauren Kaye Mystery

by Dale Kesterson

Format: Soft Cover

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Too bad the dance will be someone’s last. Maybe even yours.


Lauren Kaye, Daily Gleaner reporter, is surprised when police captain Danny O’Brien asks if she will accompany him to the black-tie Valentine’s Day charity fund-raiser organized by his best friend Robert Mallory. She agrees, after he explains they will be seated at Mallory’s table, despite having barely a week’s notice. 


Preparations proceed smoothly until a series of anonymous letters start popping up. It seems someone believes O’Brien is responsible for a death and wants the policeman to suffer the agony of watching a person he holds dear die at the formal gala. 


With time running out, at least two lives on the line, and spurred by escalating threats, O’Brien, Lauren, and Mallory race to uncover which mysterious figure from the law officer’s past wants to even the score at the Valentine’s Day Dinner Dance by attending with...Murderous Intentions.

Murderous Intentions

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