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Lauren Kaye Series Boxed Set


Lauren Kaye Series by Dale Kesterson

Format: Soft Cover Boxed Set

Available Now!


Book One:

Lauren Kaye, reporter for The Daily Gleaner, checked in to the exclusive, post-WWII, Long Island resort, assigned to write her first Sunday feature story, while surreptitiously tasked to investigate a fatal scuba accident.


Her suspicions deepen when her own diving equipment mysteriously malfunctions.


Robert Mallory, her mentor, calls in his friend, police captain Danny O’Brien, who reluctantly accepts Lauren’s help to untangle the perplexing events at the new resort.


Navigating jealous, romantic triangles, and evading precarious situations, Lauren must prove her skills to the veteran law officer and put herself in jeopardy to catch a killer, who has already proven the will to … Resort to Murder.


Book Two:

Lauren Kaye, a part-time night student in addition to her job as a reporter for the Daily Gleaner, has a problem: she needs a fine arts class to fulfill a graduation requirement and her advisor has signed her up for a daytime class in music appreciation. If she takes the class, she’ll lose her job.


Her advisor arranges to waive the class if she will agree to become a ‘supernumerary’ in Hofstra College’s opera production in its stead. Once she is told a ‘super’ is a non-singing extra on stage, Lauren (who is tone deaf) takes the deal; she figures it's a class assignment, so what could go wrong? Unfortunately, someone had planned it so the opera was... Staged for Death.

Lauren Kaye Series Boxed Set

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