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Assassin's Gambit

Assassin's Gambit by R. Kyle Hannah

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Pulled forward in time by the Guild of a distant future, Assassin 101 must help them track down a rogue agent if he ever wishes to return home. What he finds is an unimaginable foe, a web of espionage bent on destruction, and a family secret that threatens the Assassin’s future.

Sebastian Caine, Apprentice Assassin, has fooled the Guild into complacency. Sentenced to death for his crimes, he follows the path of Rick Brewer and escapes into the past to find the only woman that can calm his savage heart. To be with her, he must drastically change the time-line.

Rick Brewer has been a guinea pig for Guild scientists since his capture. His reprieve comes when he and Assassin 97 are sent to capture Caine. As they move through Europe’s Renaissance, Rick’s growing affection toward his partner is put to the test when she is captured and tortured by Caine.

To rescue Assassin 97, Rick must enlist Assassin 101’s assistance. Will Assassin 101 let history stand? Or does he risk everything, in violation of Guild law, to fulfil the prophesy of the family secret?

Assassin's Gambit

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