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Cla'nix Prison is where the worst of the worst are sent to disappear. A place to remove the undesirables from society. No one has ever returned from Cla'nix. Freighter Captain Jake Cutter is sentenced for a crime he did not commit and arrives at the prison beaten and bloody.


Tormented by his captors and haunted by the memories of his former life, he learns the hard way that prison can be deadly. As his life spins out of control, he is offered a choice: a quick death or a long, hard battle for survival. Finding friends in the prison, and aided by a mysterious benefactor, Jake's decision brings loss and hardship. A gruesome trail through the lawless underworld of the TSA leads him to the hidden fortress of a criminal empire, and to a showdown in the highest levels of government.


With his allies scattered and TSA forces closing in, Jake confronts the mastermind behind the plot to destroy his life. Can Jake clear his name, or will he succumb to the might of the Tri-System Authority?

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Tri-System Authority
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Jonathan Messer created a universe with a flip of a .67¢ Shack switch. The moment he turned on his invention, his life unexpectedly changed.


After being pulled unconcious from his burning house, Jonathan embarks on an incredible, universe-spanning adventure while battling two warring factions: One determined to control his invention ... the other bent on its unltimate destruction.


Fueled by his painful memories, Jon is focused on only one goal: Save his family, no matter the cost.

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When the nightmares become too much for Anna Messer to bear, she asks the wrong questions in her search for the truth. What she finds transforms her entire existence and understanding of the universe itself.


Lost in time and space, Anna must follow a trail laid down by her father decades earlier. With the help of a mysterious scientist and his amazing inventions, she embarks on a universe-spanning mission, but does she have the strength to unleash the universe’s most devastating weapon? If not, it could spell disaster for existence itself.


How far will she go to save her father, her family and the universe? Find out in this action-packed, continuation of Paradox.

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The destruction of Earth is imminent as a planet-killing asteroid speeds toward the planet. In desperation, an inventor creates a way to save humanity, but his new brainchild is too little, too late.


Trapped and alone, he is faced with an uncertain future and only one way to survive, until a small black orb appears from the machine.


Peering through his invention, he learns more than he ever expected about the universe, the future and himself in this revealing Paradox Universe prequal

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