Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Don't freak out if your work doesn't match our guidelines EXACTLY ... they are guidelines.

What we want:

  • Speculative fiction, broadly defined

  • Minimum 50,000 word manuscript

  • No postal submissions will be accepted

  • No simultaneous or multiple submissions; no re-submissions.

  • Only Microsoft Word DOC or DOCX files will be accepted (standard manuscript format)

  • Only unpublished work in English is submissible.


We want good fiction, regardless of genre! You are free to submit in any genre you write in, but please understand, we LOVE Science Fiction!

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Particular stories we love to read:

  • Science Fiction about time travel, unique universal perspectives, advanced technology and amazingly constructed alien worlds

  • Action Adventure stories that bring the reader into the story with the main character. The more we feel like we are standing next to him/her, the better

  • Fantasy stories that take the reader on amazing journeys

  • Unusual yet readable styles and narratives that make us want to turn the next page

  • Stories that suspend our belief with multi-dimensional characters, plausible, well-described technology and locations that take us away of our boring lives

  • Hyper-intelligent fiction, interactive fiction, and other stories that explore and exploit our wildly nerdy imaginations

Stuff we’ll read anyway:

  • Some profanity is fine. Use whatever words are appropriate for your story.

  • Some sex in a story is okay but should be artistically justified 

  • No excessive gore or violence. (no wading through streets of blood, please)

  • We welcome all subgenres and forms of science fiction (within reason)




Try not to send us this:

  • Stories less than 50,000 words, including serialized novels, short stories or novellas

  • Partial or incomplete stories and then ask us to request the rest of it if we're interested (you won’t hear from us)

  • Stories previously submitted to Jumpmaster Press and rejected. If the story has been completely revised, we can discuss it

  • Multiple stories at once from the same author (this does not get you noticed, it gets you in trouble)

  • Submissions sent to us and another publisher simultaneously (just don’t)

  • Poetry. It may be great, but we don’t do poetry (seriously, if you’ve read this far and send us poetry, you have issues)

1st-person narrative

(remember, these are guidelines...)

Although we will publish 1st person narrative, we'd prefer to receive manuscripts in 3rd person.


Send us this:

  • A Microsoft Word document (.docx only)

  • A one-page synopsis of your story including the ending

  • 12 point font, either Arial or Georgia

  • 1 inch margins

  • Double spaced text

  • First three chapters ONLY (do not send full manuscript)

  • Short Author bio (please do not include author  picture)

Response Time and Response Status

We usually respond within a few weeks, but if you haven't heard from us within 60 days, please shoot us an email. 

We send an auto-responder message in response to every submission we receive. If you haven't received an auto-response within 24 hours after submitting, please drop us a note. Missing an auto-response usually means we have an incorrect email address for you and won't be able to contact you when we make a decision.

Withdrawal policy

After you submit a story, we strongly prefer you don't withdraw it. If you withdraw a story, we won't consider any version of that story in the future. However, if you do need to withdraw a story, please send an e-mail telling us that you need to withdraw and let us know why.