Time Assassins - Part 5

Can a rogue agent be stopped before he kills his next victim, the President of the United States? Only time will tell...


History has always been written by the victor. But int he shadows, history has been manipulated by an ancient Guild of Assassins. 


Rick Brewer, Assassin's Apprentice, is sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. He escapes to a distant past and, stranded in time, seeks revenge against the Guild by creating instability in the time-line by choosing powerful targets - The Presidents of the United States.


Reginal Mayweather is a ruthless buisiness tycoon and not one to accept no as an answer. When a buisiness prostpect fails and costs him billions, he demands the Assassin's Guild eradicate the competion by killing his competitior's ancestors. If successful, it could prove disasterous to the time-line on a global scale. 


Jason Lassiter joined the Assasin's Guild because he wanted to experience history first hand. Little did he know that his future, and the future of the Guild, would rest in his hands. 

Time Assassins - Part 5


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