Obliteration Protocol - Part 1 FREE

Dr. Susan McCormick's team of talented genetics students stumbles upon a mystery while analyzing DNA samples from a remote South American tribe. Without releasing their findings, the news media gets wind of their potential discovery and its ramifications for mankind. Everywhere Susan looks for help, the world turns against her and one by one, her colleagues meet mysterious ends. Her worst fears are realized — she’s being hunted.

Susan’s new boyfriend, David Blake, a Seattle-area History teacher, steps in to help. His mysterious military past becomes a welcome asset in their search for answers.

Stalked by an ancient society, dedicated to suppressing Susan’s findings, she and David are forced on the run. With nothing to lose, they embark on a desperate, globe-spanning adventure in search of clues to unravel a timeless enigma before their perusers can unleash their ultimate weapon, the Obliteration Protocol.

Obliteration Protocol - Part 1 FREE


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