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Ghosts of Bleu Mountain


Ghosts of Bleu Mountain

By Kenyon T. Henry

Format: Soft Cover

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Louis goes to check on the family estate he just inherited from his still living grandfather. He soon discovers that the people of Perdita are split due to a long-time feud, and his Bleu last name puts him right in the middle of it. Half the town believes his Great-Grandfather killed his wife, Jane, about sixty years ago and wants Louis gone. The other half believes Simon Bleu was innocent. 


While rummaging through the rundown estate, Louis finds antique spectacles that allow him to see images from the past. Now, it is his mission to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of Great-Grandma Jane and save the estate from being taken away by an angry mayor and town full of hate.


Ghosts of Bleu Mountain

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