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Fall From Snowbird Mountain


Fall from Snowbord Mountain by C.S. Devereaux

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Desperation - Corruption - Redemption - Renewal


The true story of one man’s journey in a time of civil unrest and division.


America, 1861, the Civil War is crippling the South. In the mountains of western Appalachia, Jason Hyde, the local schoolmaster, has lost his job, his family is hungry, and he’s in danger of losing their farm. A trusted friend offers a solution guaranteed to end his troubles and trigger new ones: Counterfeiting. He falls in with an operation whose tendrils stretch across the United States from the East Coast to Texas and north from the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Michigan. Jason’s life nosedives into deception and crime as he hides from the law on the battlefields disguised as a warrior fighting with the Thomas Legion of Cherokees and Mountaineers. 


Jason is a hunted man—Pinkerton detectives, commissioned by Abraham Lincoln, are determined to capture him, and Windrake Ferries, a ruthless outlaw, an enemy created during the war, has vowed to kill him. After Ferries attacks Jason’s home and family, the predator becomes prey as Jason seeks Ferries while evading arrest. What happens next leads Jason to a reckoning. Who will capture their quarry first, Jason, ruthless outlaws, or government agents? 

Fall From Snowbird Mountain

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