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Aztec Eagle Series


Crystal Desert by Catherine Wells

Aztec Eagle Series: Book One

Format: Soft Cover

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Aztec Eagle Series: Book Two

Format: Soft Cover

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Book One:

Young Enrique, an Aztec descendant, discovers special abilities which make him a perfect candidate to be a fighter pilot. He dreams of joining his hero, El Capitan, fighting rebels on the planet Alpha.


But when his hero becomes a rebel, will Enrique make the right choice? Will he follow his heart and a beautiful enemy, or face his hero in combat?


Book Two:

Young Enrique has reached the planet Alpha, eager to join in the terraformers’ fight for independence. But not everyone in the Crystal Desert fortress is excited to admit an outsider into the ranks of fighter pilots.


Who is trying to keep him back? And what will it cost him to prove his worth? Will his psionic gift be his making, or his undoing? 

Aztec Eagle Series

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