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A Noteworthy Enchantment


A Noteworthy Enchantment, a novella by Jeanne Hardt

Genre: Fantasy / Medieval

Format: Soft Cover


Alesa—a poor, peasant girl in the kingdom of Shanavar—possesses a lovely singing voice. Her mother arranges a performance for the king, and Alesa enthusiastically sings for him. He praises her for her unique ability and proclaims her to have the finest voice in the realm.

Alesa should be happy, but her sister warns her that the recognition from the king will only bring her harm. It is rumored that the kings ward, Zeborah—who attended Alesa’s performance—is exceedingly jealous of anyone deemed better than she. No matter their gift. It has also been said that she practices sorcery and casts hateful spells over those she envies.

Alesa dismisses the widespread rumors. She does not believe in sorcery or magical enchantments. That soon changes when she wakes to find that something unusual has happened to her, and everything points to Zeborah.

A Noteworthy Enchantment

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