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... is coming to an event near you! Find exciting new titles from the Jumpmaster Press™ Catalog. The Traveling Bookstore features all of the innovative Jumpmaster Press™ products: Paperbacks, Hardbacks, The JumpCard®, and over 100 titles for your eReader in JumpCardID™ [Instant Download] eBook format.

And remember, the "Buy 2 get 1 FREE" JumpCardID™ [Instant Download] sale never ends!     (not available online)

Look for the Jumpmaster Press™ Traveling Bookstore at an event near you!





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Who we are


Jumpmaster Press

Started by two veterans who were paid to jump out of airplanes that now write novels.

We're on a mission to find undiscovered, talented writers who want nothing more than for you to read their story. Through our growing network of Traveling Bookstore™ locations, independent authors have a direct conduit with you, their potential readers -- something never before available. Talented writers finally have the international reach and affordable distribution they've longed for -- and you, dear reader, get a chance to explore titles perviously unavailable.

At Jumpmaster Press™ we believe in innovation. Our JumpCard® Audiobook product makes audiobooks shareable like never before. No more scratched cds, no more lost discs, and no more un-shareable downloads.


While the corporate publishing industry shuns independent authors searching for their foothold, we eagerly embrace them and lift them up.

We're Jumpmaster Press!

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