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Introducing JumpCard®


Say good-bye to CD's forever!

With the JumpCard®, exclusively from Jumpmaster Press™, your will never be

without your book. The credit card size fits conveniently into any wallet

or purse. No more storing an untold number of CDs in your car. One JumpCard®

can contain multiple audiobooks or access to the digital versions of your writing,

even entire collections.


JumpCard® is made for your car

Do you have a newer model car with CarPlay? Simply plug JumpCard® into

your car's USB port and switch to the USB source, and JumpCard®

automatically starts playing. (No really. Watch the video below)


JumpCard® is made for your computer

Plug JumpCard® into your computer USB drive and you have access to a Digital Download and the Audiobook files contained on the  JumpCard®

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