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Introducing JumpCardID™

The JumpCardID™ (Instant Download) brings the physical buying experience and the convenience of eBook downloading together in an easy to share card. The front of the JumpCardID™ features the book cover and the back contains a secure, dedicated, single-use code.

The JumpCardID™ makes a great gift the reader in your life will enjoy.


JumpCardID™is made for your all your devices!

It doesn't matter how you like to read or what device you read from, the JumpCardID™

allows you to choose where you want to read your book without making you download

or buy another reader app. Just download the book you want and you're done! 



Compatible With.png
The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Lerou
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.png
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.pn
The Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

The JumpCardID™  Is an eBook only. The JumpCardID™ is not the audiobook version of the book and should not be confused with the JumpCrd® product. The JumpCardID™ is intended for single use only and a valid email address is required to access the ebook. The ebook link is valid for fourteen (14) days after accessing the download system. All ebooks are digitally watermarked with the email address used in the download system. Jumpmaster Press™ is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged JumpCardIDs. All sales are final and no refunds are available. This product is for entertainment purposes only and Jumpmaster Press™ is not responsible for misuse of this or any Jumpmaster Press™ product.

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