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Introducing JumpCard®

The JumpCard® is a unique, attractive way of delivering Digital Books

(.pdf, .epub, .mobi) and Audiobooks (.mp3) to your customers.


Say good-bye to CD's forever!

With the JumpCard®, exclusively from Jumpmaster Press™, you will be one of

the firast locations on the country to carry these innovative, attractive and unique

products. The credit card size JumpCard® fits conveniently into any wallet

or purse. No more storing an untold number of CDs in a car. One JumpCard®

can contain multiple audiobooks.


JumpCard® is made for the car

Do you have a newer model car with CarPlay? Simply plug JumpCard® into your car's USB port and switch to the USB source, and JumpCard® automatically starts playing. (No really. Watch the video below)


JumpCard® is made for the computer

Plug JumpCard® into your computer USB drive and you have access to a Digital Download and the Audiobook files contained on the  JumpCard®

JumpCard® and 


JumpCard® provides superior functionality and share-ability, in a fraction of the space.  JumpCard® contains a link to BookFunnel, an ebook delivery platform that enables your customers to choose which digital file format best suits their needs. They simply choose how they want to read the book and the appropriate file is downloaded right to their device.


Note: BookFunnel™ Download Codes included. Audiobook production not included.

Don't take our word for it...


Join the growing community of Traveling Bookstores today!

Want to add the innovative and growing collection of products to your store or convention vendor table? Become a member of the Traveling Bookstore. We'll contact you about choosing the titles to add to your attractive display.


But we offer more than just the JumpCard® Audiobook. We'd love to talk about stocking your shelves with exciting titles from the Jumpmaster™ Press Catalog. We are proud to offer a growing catalog or various genres as well as titles from our partner Indie publishers, all available through Traveling Bookstore Distribution, exclusive from Jumpmaster Press™.

Think this is cool? Check out below how we do eBooks!


The JumpCardID™ (Instant Download) brings the physical buying experience and

the convenience of eBook downloading together in an easy to move, store and sell card.

The front of the JumpCardID™ features the cover of the book and the back

contains a secure, dedicated URL through BookFunnel. STOP send your customers

somewhere else to buy eBooks, make the sale with the JumpCardID™. 

"How we do eBooks!"

Sweet! Join us in bringing amazing Indie books back to real bookstores!


CLICK IT -- You Know you want to!

† Apple CarPlay™ and CarPlay® are Registered Trademarks of Apple® Corporation and are not required for JumpCard®. Jumpmaster Press™ makes no claims in any way to any intellectual property of Apple® Corporation. JumpCard® is not an application to be specifically used with CarPlay®. Jumpmaster Press™ is not responsible if JumpCard® does not work as intended with your vehicle's USB adapter and makes no claims that JumpCard® works universally with all makes and models of vehicles. Please consult your vehicle Owner's Manual for the specific operation of your vehicle's USB interface and Audio Entertainment System. JumpCard® is formatted FAT16 and has been tested with modern versions of both Windows® and macOS® Operating systems. Jumpmaster Press™ is not responsible for JumpCard® not working in older versions of either Operating System or any Operating System not tested. JumpCard® is not intended to be plugged directly into any e-reader or tablet of any kind and Jumpmaster Press™ is not responsible for damage caused to any device through improper use of the JumpCard®. Jumpmaster Press™ does not warranty the JumpCard® beyond basic operation. The flip-out USB portion of the JumpCard® is fragile and may break off after repeated use or improper use while inserting and removing the JumpCard® from any standard USB port. Jumpmaster Press™ is not responsible for damage to JumpCard® during shipping and takes all reasonable precautions to avoid shipping damage. Jumpmaster Press™ is not responsible for any digital material added to or removed from the JumpCard® USB drive after purchase. Proper use of the USB drive and all files added to the JumpCard® after purchase are the sole responsibility of the end  user. Jumpmaster Press™ retains the rights to all material pre-loaded on the JumpCard® after purchase.

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