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Who we are


Jumpmaster Press

Started by two veterans who were paid to jump out of airplanes that now write books.

We've learned a lot from the books we've written and now we get to share that with you, authors with the same questions we had. We've learned from the mistakes you're about to make and that's why we started Jumpmaster Press, to help fellow authors publish, brand, market, and sell their polished books. 


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So now what?

You wrote a book! What an accomplishment. Less than 2% of the American people do what you have done.

So now what?


The hard part is over. You did it! Now all you have to do is get people to read your book and hopefully pay you to do it.

What's the next step?


How do I reach readers outside my friends, family and social media? I want people to read my book, but where are they?

You need a brand!


How do I get my brand to a wider market? Where can readers find my book? Can I really make money selling my story? 



Amazon has changed book retailing, but there are still ways to get your book into readers' hands and make money! We can help, we are...

Jumpmaster Press

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Jumpmaster Press is proud to join with authors and work together to make all our writing better. Join us in Birmingham, AL or online from our Facebook Writer's Group.

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