Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where can I set up a Traveling Bookstore?

Anywhere books are sold with permission of the property owner. Typical locations for pop-up bookstores are: Libraries during author events or signings, Genre appropriate conventions (i.e., ComicCon), local festivals, fairs, vendor events and readings at independent bookstores or coffee shops.

Do I have to have my books published by Jumpmaster Press to own a Traveling Bookstore?


How can I own a Traveling Bookstore and get Jumpmaster Press products if I’m published by another publisher?

Just like at any bookstore, your book is displayed alongside other books by other publishers. The only difference is that for your Traveling Bookstore, you book is featured beyond the others offered to the customer. *You must ensure that there are no contractual limitations (rights, exclusivity, etc) from your publisher.

Do I have to return my bookstore if I no longer stay in business?

If you purchased the Travelng Bookstore in a single payment, everything you purchased is your to keep. If, on a monthly payment membership and you decide to no longer sell books through the traveling bookstore within the first year, you will need to return the spinner and any Jumpmaster Press material that is in good condition. The cost of these materials will be deducted from any unpaid balance in accordance with our Agreement. However, after one year of membership, you are not required to return anything to Jumpmaster Press. Your books do not need to be returned to JMP in any circumstance as those are yours to keep and are paid in full.

What does my Traveling Bookstore consultant do after I purchase my bookstore?

The Traveling Bookstore consultant is there to help you find venues for your pop-up bookstore. They are there to assist with re-ordering. In certain circumstances, they are there to assist with marketing help and to generate ideas to make your bookstore as successful as I can be. Should a piece of marketing material get damaged, your consultant can assist in getting a replacement. Replacement marketing material has an associated cost for production and shipping. Unless damaged in shipping, JMP is not responsible for the care and maintenance of any Traveling Bookstore equipment or material. (see Traveling Bookstore Agreement and Terms of Service)

Can we both get Jumpmaster Press JumpCardID’s and display paperback books?

Yes. What books are displayed at your Traveling Bookstore is your business. That price already has a large margin built into it. JumpCardIDs from the Classics Collection (and all other JMP products) are available for order at the retail discount set for their membership level.

If I join a Traveling Bookstore as an indie author and I buy my JumpCardID’s or publish my audiobook on the JumpCard, am I a Jumpmaster Press author?

No. Only authors who have signed a publishing agreement with Jumpmaster Press are "Jumpmaster Press authors". Your products may be displayed alongside JMP authors’ books as well as those in our classic collection, only insofar as they are part of your pop-up bookstore. **The author is responsible for ensuring there are no contractual limitations (exclusivity, etc) with their current publisher.

How do I become a Jumpmaster Press author?

Follow the submission guidelines on the Jumpaster Press website to submit your manuscript for consideration from JMP. If selected, JMP will offer to join with you in a publishing agreement.

Can I buy a Traveling Bookstore if my book is traditionally published?

Yes. All Jumpmaster Press products and those associated with the Traveling Bookstore are not limited to display or sale. However, please check with your current publisher as their distribution contracts may affect the sale of their products at your popup bookstore location.

Can I buy a Traveling Bookstore if I’m a writer but not a pubished author?

Yes. There is no requirement that you be puclushed to own a Traveling Bookstore. The Traveling Bookstore concept is open to published authors, tradeshow vendors, independent bookstore owners, national bookstore chains, and every average Joe on the street with the desire to sell books.

Is support offered online only or can I contact a real person

Jumpmaster Press has a limited (but growing) staff. Our first line of support is your Traveling Bookstore Consultant. If you have an issue they can’t support or you didn’t join the Traveling Bookstore via a Consultant, email support is our primary support mechanism. Typically, once we receive that support request a representative from Jumpmaster Press will contact you through email, leading to live phone support, if necessary.

How do I get on the membership site?

When you join the Traveling Bookstore, initial login credentials will be provided. You will need to login in to the Traveling Bookstore Community site and create your profile, upload your books, and begin the process distributing your books.

Can I sell my friend’s books not published by Jumpmaster Press at my Traveling Bookstore?

Yes. However, only Jumpmaster Press products can be displayed on the Jumpmaster Press provided spinner. (See Traveling Bookstore Agreement and Terms of Service) The author is responsible for ensuring there are no contractual limitations (exclusivity, etc) with their friend's current publisher.

Can I sell my friend’s books if she is a Jumpmaster Press customer but she does not own a Traveling Bookstore?

Yes. However, only Jumpmaster Press products can be displayed on the Jumpmaster Press provided spinner. (See Traveling Bookstore Agreement and Terms of Service)

Can I sell used books or books from other publishers?

Yes. However, only Jumpmaster Press products can be displayed on the Jumpmaster Press provided spinner. (See Traveling Bookstore Agreement and Terms of Service)

When and how can I use the Traveling Bookstore logo?

Use of the Traveling Bookstore logo is detailed in the Traveling Bookstore Agreement and Terms of service. The logo MUST be kept in the proper aspect ratio as the original. The Traveling Bookstore owner may request to use the logo in a way not defined in the Traveling Bookstore Agreemenr and Terms of Service from Jumpmaster Press via email.

Can I make custom T-shirts to sell with the TB logo?

Yes. (See Traveling Bookstore Agreement and Terms of Service)

Can I use the Traveling Bookstore logo itself for my advertising purposes?

Yes. (See Traveling Bookstore Agreement and Terms of Service)

Can I use the Traveling Bookstore logo on letterhead with my personal information?

Yes. (See Traveling Bookstore Agreement and Terms of Service)

Can I use the logo on posters other than the one that comes with my Traveling Bookstore?

No. If the TB owner needs custom marketing or promotional material, use of the logo can be requested from Jumpmaster Press via email detailing the use of the logo.

Can I hang other items on the display spinner if my own inventory is low?

No. In accordance with the Traveling Bookstore Agreement and terms of Service, only Jumpmaster Press products may be displayed on the provided spinner.

Can I sell non-competing items at my table, such as crafts?

Yes. However, only JMP products can be displayed on the JMP provided spinner. (See Traveling Bookstore Agreement and Terms of Service)

Can I set my own price on Jumpmaster Press products once I’ve purchased them?

Yes. Jumpmaster Press encourages a suggested retail price for our products. However, the Traveling Bookstore owner may set a different price. This includes increases for items in demand and sale prices for loss leaders.


Can my monthly membership be automatically deducted?

Yes. The monthly membership is automatically deducted from the card used during the initial purchase. One of our representatives will work with you to make sure the payments are correct.

How do I cancel my membership?

Memberships can be cancelled at any time. According to the Terms of Service, 12 month of membership will be deducted in total, less the cost of any Jumpmaster Press JumpCardIDs returned in re-sellable order. This includes the spinner and hooks as well. Damaged material will be the responsibility of the author.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. At the time of purchase, all Traveling Bookstore owners will agree to a standard of service and need to understand all the aspects of owning a traveling bookstore. This agreement clearly details what protections you have and what protections Jumpmaster Press has. It explains what expectations both parties have with the intent of answering ownership questions and making sure we both fulfill each other’s expectations.

How do I reorder?

Reordering product is done through the Author/Bookstore section of the Jumpmaster Press website. When you become a Traveling Bookstore owner, you will be given a code to make your initial order. This is part of your initial purchase price. All subsequent orders will use the same code to purchase products at the retail discount set for your membership level.

When I reorder, can I choose from all Jumpmaster Press titles to equal one box of JumpCardID’s?

There is no limit to any reorder. You are limited to a certain number of JumpCardIDs ONLY for your initial fulfillment order. Following that, you are free to order any product from our catalog at the retail discount level set for your membership level.

What is the value of the 12-month membership?

An annual membership is included for the Traveling Bookstore Community, whether the author takes advantage of it or not. This membership includes: inclusion on the TBC website, limited sales training, access to marketing templates, limited event promotional material, online support and a set retail discount for the duration of the membership.

Do I have to renew the membership every 12 months to stay connected as long as I own the bookstore?

For bookstore owners that pay for membership monthly, their membership will continue until the cancel that membership. No annual renewal is required. For owners that use the one-time buy-out option and would like to extend their Traveling Bookstore Community membership will renew on the anniversary of their Traveling Bookstore purchase for $240. They will be given the option of moving to a monthly membership, should they choose to extend their membership.

Is there a discount for paying the yearly membership in advance?

This is a slight price difference in using the buy-out option as opposed to paying monthly. The difference is $40 over the course of the year.

What is the sales training and support offered with the membership?

We offer limited sale training and best practices we have used with the Traveling Bookstore. This ranges from frequently asked questions to how to attractively setup your bookstore. We have documented the best approach to showcasing JMP products for customers and quickly moving through the sales process and closing the sale. Support ranges from issues encountered without online ordering process to replacing items damaged during shipping.

What are the marketing templates?

Jumpmaster Press provides marketing graphic templates custom altered for your needs. We can assist in creating the posters, handouts, and business cards, used at your Traveling Bookstore. These templates are your to reproduce in quantities you deem necessary. If you decide to run a sale on a particular product to relive inventory stress, there is a template for that. If you would like to become a Traveling Bookstore Consultant and handout sales information, there is a template for that. If you have an idea for a great marketing piece, don’t be surprised to see that great idea become a template for others to use at their Traveling Bookstores.

What is event promotional material and how do I get it?

We have drop-in promotional material for events in your area. If you want a poster to promote a library book signing or an email blast for members of your mailing list, Jumpmaster Press has templates to get the word out about your Traveling Bookstore.

If I “go out of business”, do I have to return anything of my Traveling Bookstore to Jumpmaster Press?

That is conditional on how you joined the Traveling Bookstore. For “Buy-out” or “Bookstore” members, nothing is required to be returned to JMP. For “Monthly” members, within the first year, the display spinner provided should be returned. Any products (excluding disaply spinner) returned will be deducted from any remaining balance due. After the first year, nothing is required to be sent back to Jumpmaster Press.


Why is membership in the Traveling Bookstore Community important?

Membership in the Traveling Bookstore offers authors a way to rapidly and easily increase their offerings to potential readers while featuring their book. This concept is designed to increase sales and ultimately get you book in front of more potential buyers. But the traveling Bookstore is more than a sales tool. It is a community of authors sharing their books across the country in a grass-roots distribution model normally closed to non-traditionally published authors.

Can I own a Traveling Bookstore with another person, a friend, wife, husband, for instance?

The Traveling Bookstore is designed to be your business. Jumpmaster Press will only consider a single individual as the “owner.” This person is who we will contact should the need arise. This person is responsible for signing any agreements and holding the log in credentials for the website. Outside of our agreements, the TB owner may interact with any other individual as they see fit within the business setting.

How does the membership distribution opportunities work?

By searching the Traveling Bookstore Community site for other authors you’d like to have for sale in your bookstore, you will send them a distribution opportunity email. They will respond by looking through your available books. Should they find a book to display on their table, you will “swap” JumpCardIDs”. Once both Traveling Bookstore owners acknowledge receipt of their JumpCardIDs, codes will be distributed for retail sale. JumpCardIDs will be available for purchase on the Traveling Bookstore Community site, should the author not want to swap, or they are not a published author.

When will the distribution opportunities be in place?

The Traveling Bookstore Community site is under development. Once complete, all Traveling Bookstore owners will be given login credentials. As the community grows, more opportunities for distribution will expand.


If I have more than one book published, can I mix my titles to equal one box?

Yes. A box of JumpCardIDs contains 56 cards. When ordering your books, a representative from JMP will work with you to make sure your custom order is fulfilled properly. You can mix and match your books within a box of JumpCardIDs to suit your sales needs.

Do I have control over what I reorder and the quantity?

Yes. All subsequent orders following your initial order fulfillment are completely at your discretion. You are also not limited to the product type. You are free to order JumpCardIDs, JumpCard Audiobooks and Paperbacks even though they ae not initially listed in your membership level inventory.

Are there minimum reorders?

The only set number of items to order is a box of JumpCardIDs. They come with 56 cards per box. Outside of that specification, there are no minimum orders for the Traveling Bookstore.

Who do I contact to reorder?

Reorders can be placed online through the Author/Bookstore Catalog sections of the Jumpmaster Press website. For custom orders, anyone can contact Jumpmaster Press and a representative will work with the author for custom or “special” orders.

After my initial Traveling Bookstore purchase, can I order anything I want from the Jumpmaster Press catalogue to tailor my bookstore to my market?

Yes. All products will be discounted according to the membership level of the owner.

What do I have to send Jumpmaster Press to get my JumpCardID’s?

Original cover-art for the front and backs of the books are required. Preferred graphics are layered .psd format. We will work with the author’s graphic artist. A graphic setup fee may be incurred should layered .psd file are not available. Each customer is unique and we will work with each Traveling Bookstore owner to ensure their JumpCard Product meets or exceeds expectations.

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