Audiobook Production

  • Your finished manuscript goes through the following process

    • Your manuscript is read so the voice talent gets to know your characters, understand the scenes, builds a flow of your dramatic arc and begins to form characterizations to bring your words to life.​

    • After a complete reading, the voice talent records each chapter in one session, to keep the audio quality consistent throughout the chapter. Lines are read and re-read to make sure they match the specific scene, character's voice and personality.

    • Each chapter is meticulously edited to remove extraneous noise, to ensure consistent sound quality throughout the recording and maintain continuity in the editing process.

    • As the author, you review these edited files, taking note of pacing or inflection issues, scene expression and character mannerism. These notes are used in the next phase of production.

    • The voice talent, reviews the editing notes and seamlessly makes the appropriate corrections in the edited audio. 

    • The final audio files are reviewed a second time to ensure the edits meet the authors expectations.

    • The approved audio files are mastered to remove room noise, additional audio artifacts such as pops and clicks that make their way onto the audio recording.

    • Once mastered, the files are ready to distribution, either to the JumpCard® Catalog or to another online distribution site.

Audiobook Production - Costs

  • Royalty Share - 30% Voice Talent Fee / JumpCard® (Jumpmaster Press™ Authors only)

    • Your book will be produced using the standard above at no initial cost to the author.  Once your Audiobook is produced you will receive a copy of the Mastered Files for distribution as you see fit (Audible, iTunes, etc.). Your Audiobook will be included in our JumpCard® Catalog and featured on the Jumpmaster Press™ website. 

    • When you order your JumpCard® stock, 30% of the profit from the Suggested Retail Price of $24.95 will be applied to the order per card as a royalty share to the voice talent. 

Option Two:

  • $250 Per Finished Hour

    • 1 Hour of finished audiobook production takes 3 hours of labor. 1 hour to record the audio, 1.5 hours to edit the audio and 30 minutes to master the audio. ​(Media load time is not included in this example)

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At Jumpmaster Press™, our goal to produce the best product possible. 


Talent Fee



Total Cost

Suggested Retail Price



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